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Elsinore (Helsingør) - The Town on the Other Side
On the other side of Öresund, opposite and only 4 km from Helsingborg is Elsinore (or Helsingør, as the name is in Danish). It is a quite small but growing town with a port and the beautiful castle Kronborg (residing on a small peninsula just outside the port).
Elsinore once had a significant shipyard. Many freighters and other kinds of ships were built there. One of the last was a luxury yacht built for the Sultan of Oman. I think some of the ships built in Elsinore are still seagoing. The shipyard was closed down in the 80's and all there is left today is a small dry dock.
There is a lot to see in Elsinore such as lots of old buildings, picturesque alleys and the old monastery (you can see its tower in the picture above). The atmosphere is friendly and hospitable, and if you find a small restaurant called Anno 1880 (it's located close to Axeltorv) I strongly recommend a visit. Every year in August Elsinore host an event called Balt Sail. Then several old sailing ships come to visit and stay for a few days. You can go onboard most of them and even sail with them for a couple of hours, or take a tour onboard the old steamer Skælskør.

Gallery 1
In this gallery you will see a bit of Elsinore including the port and Kronborg castle (see the gallery picture to the left). All photos were taken in October 2000 when I visited Elsinore together with a good friend of mine. The weather was cloudy and quite foggy at first, but it later cleared up. We had a great time and stayed for several hours. Enjoy!

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