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You can see more photos of my home town Helsingborg at the main site. There are several galleries and even a few photos of Helsingborg by night. Click below to enter the Helsingborg section.
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Welcome to the Helsingborg galleries!
Helsingborg, Pearl of the Sound, situated on the coast of Oresund. This is the most narrow part of the sound with only about 4 kilometers to Elsinore, Denmark.
Helsingborg is my town. My home town. I was born here and have lived here ever since. Well, apart from a few years in "exile" in a small village a couple of miles north of Helsingborg.
In these galleries I will show you quite a lot of my town such as streets, alleys, parks, ports and views of the town. More galleries can be found at the main site (see Note).
As I mentioned, Helsingborg is called Pearl of the Sound. At least by us who live here. The Danish of course claim Elsinore to be the true Pearl of the Sound, and in one aspect I am actually willing to agree with them. They are far more keen on preserving old buildings than we are. I have put up an Elsinore-galley so you can judge for yourself.

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